About Robz Ragz

We can sell your classic car.  Robz Ragz does consignments.  We can sell your car quickly and efficiently and most times can get exactly what your asking for.  Why bother placing an ad on Craigslist and having to deal with all the hassle of managing the listing, fielding the responses and scheduling a time to show to car to a few people, only to get an offer less than what you really want.  Robz Ragz uses proven venues to place your vehicle up for sale as well our 3 websites, Ebay, ClassicCars.com, Sell-Your-Classic-Car.com. We spend thousands of dollars a month on advertising. These places are where classic cars are bought and sold daily and we can get you what your asking for your car. We sell classic cars and classic car collections all over the US. So call us we may be in your neighborhood soon.

Now, we have moved our focus to consignment selling of classic cars. At Robz Ragz, we believe life’s better in a classic. We have a feeling you do too, which is why we enjoy the challenge of finding a safe and secure place for your classic. A place where stories are shared about how life is much better in a classic. Every classic has stories to tell and where would that best be done – in a classic of course.