Check Out Our Classic Car Builds

At Robz Ragz, we are proud of our classic car builds.  Checkout the links below:

We specialize in the complete process of classic car restoration. Our shop is designed to receive your classic car and completely restore it to better than new condition all within our facility. We feel the best way to insure the highest quality is to have complete control of the entire restoration process. Our cars are well known for the sharpest details and award winning paint jobs.  All of our employees are carefully hand chosen based on their love of a cars, years of focus and devotion, and undeniable true passion for automobiles. Each one of us brings added depth and dimension to our team. One guy might have a passion for painting a, another for body work, some for building engines, or another for interior work. In the end what it comes down to for us is all about our passion for this business.

Classic Car Builds

At Robz Ragz our facility is set up to provide complete classic car restoration.   The same is true no matter what model of classic car it is: a Corvette, Thunderbird, Firebird, Camaro, Chevelle, Belair, Pickup, Panel, T-Bucket, Impala, Mustang, Nova, they all get the same high quality attention.